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Local Paper Small Town is a 2-player co-op puzzle game about spreading happiness around a quirky papercraft town.

Team up with a friend, using a physical newspaper and VR, to discover Smalltown and its charming cast of characters by communicating and relating between both formats. 

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How to play

In this two-player experience, one player is equipped with a newspaper from a fictional Canadian town, and the other player explores a papercraft version of this town in virtual reality. Please find the newspaper PDF in the game folder.

This game is for two players: one with the newspaper, one playing VR.

  • The game lasts about one hour, and is best played in local co-op with a speaker for both players to hear the audio.
  • Be sure to communicate well with your partner to solve puzzles, discover character stories, and complete the game.
  • VR player: In addition to teleporting, you can grab characters and move them around to solve puzzles.
  • Newspaper player: The game was designed to be played with the newspaper player not seeing the game screen. However, if you prefer to have an easier time, you could check what the other player is seeing in VR.

Have fun in Smalltown!

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Check out our website. Created as a mixed media semester project at the Cologne Game Lab. Nominated for the Ubisoft Newcomer Award at the German Developer Awards 2020.


LocalPaperSmallTown-v1.0.0.zip 244 MB
LPST_newspaper_print.pdf 3 MB
LPST_newspaper_web.pdf 3 MB

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